Experts in signage design installation and production, VDM UK agency supports and advises you with the aim of optimising your points of sale decoration. Dynamic, committed and there every step of the way – our teams assist their clients with a single objective throughout: differentiating them from the competition and making their retail outlet look like a lifestyle.

VDM UK – bespoke signage solutions

VDM UK has been shaped by time and the numerous challenges overcome with its clients – always based on a set of core principles. We give particular importance to supporting our clients through the development of a personal relationship, where spontaneity and proximity have a central role to play. Because there are no standard solutions, it is our job to understand the identity of each of our clients, absorbing their DNA to reinterpret and make it even more powerful. Creativity delivers efficiency, and we support our clients with the aid of inventive and innovative solutions.

VDM UK – accessible retail experts

We can only achieve our goals by developing strong interpersonal relationships – both within our agency and with our clients. Nobody goes it alone at VDM UK – teamwork and shared goals are our strength. We are dedicated to what we do, and place a high value on face-to-face relationships, direct contact and two-way communication. VDM UK has cultivated these personal relationships since the very beginning.

Retail Campaigns managed by vDM UK

Decoration and indoor signages to enhance lively spaces

Experts in the production of relevant and innovative signage, VDM UK creates a communication hub, a retail space all year round – during key shopping periods, for example. Differentiating from the competition means greater comfort and higher repeat footfall made up of more users and consumers. In high-traffic areas, the agency offers increased signage in key zones, following the existing architectural layout and user/customer flow. At point of sale, VDM UK excels at “product enhancement”, creating a close relationship between the retailer and their customer by highlighting current event offers. To help clients achieve higher sales, VDM UK shares its experience and skills in purchasing strategy. Whatever the branded area or type of retail space, VDM UK handles all technical aspects of internal and space decoration, designing the appropriate signage to enhance the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

VDM UK – Shop front signs

Large format and construction hoardings

To see the BIG PICTURE and offer increased visibility to clients, VDM UK also turns its attention to construction site hoardings and building facades, redefining them as major format communication media. The grand opening or renovation of a retail outlet, construction of a building or media use of a well-positioned façade, all are great communication opportunities. VDM UK is committed to producing eye-catching materials tailored to the brand message, visual and location. Dressing the whole building or just the outside – -every location becomes a powerful medium enhancing brand and product visibility. The VDM UK agency employs use all of its technical expertise to make use of these surfaces, creating “oversize” communication media for guaranteed ENHANCED EXPOSURE.

VDM UK – Window Graphics

Creative Window display Decorations

VDM UK can create an outdoor dressing concept for retail outlets as part of any signage campaign. To differentiate a retail outlet in a fiercely competitive retail urban setting, it is essential for the brand to stand out. VDM UK offers custom-made signage and staging, adapting its technical and creative resources to the location, the space and the type of store. The agency never loses sight of its objective: enhancing the brand, its message, visual universe and logo. From a brand “flagship” store to the whole franchise network, VDM UK designs and PROVIDES SUPPORT for client products through highly individual tailored event activity.

Creativity imposes!